Hi Italo, one of my Christmas gifts gifts was a smoke colored fireline. What conditions is this best for? Also I enjoy top water fishing on the Grand River, I know that chug bugs and poppers are basically \”twitched\” in on retrieve, I was wondering if you could suggest some techniques for my zara spook topwater lures. Is it possible to \”walk the dog\” on a river?

Posted on December 26th, 2007

Hi Ryan….The “smoke” Fireline is as natural color as they can make the superbraid lines. Fireline is ideal to use with artificial lures when you want a fast hook-set (no-stretch), or you want to feel bottom details (Fireline is excellent for transmitting vibrations and fishing jigs along the bottom). If you are live-bait fishing or needing to make a “finesse-presentation” with live bait, you are better off using monofilament line. A Zara Spook is a good all-round surface lure to use when the water is flat (no waves), and clear. You can use a walk-the-dog topwater presentation at any time. One of my favorite topwater lures is the Rapala Skitter Walk. You can chug-it, pop-it, and do a very tantalilzing walk-the-dog with it. I especially like it because 2/3 of the bait hangs below the surface when you pause it resulting in very good hook-ups…God bless you, Italo

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