Hi Italo, my wife and I are going to fish the north end of lake deifenbaker, SK next weekend. We plan on fishing bays and inlets for walleye and casting top water baits for pike in the shallows. I’ve never had the opportunity to get my boat out onto promising waters so early in the season! I’m sure you’ve fished the big lake before. Can you offer any advice or tactics to us?? Thanks and God bless!

Posted on May 2nd, 2016

Hi Jeremy, early spring is an excellent time to catch some of the largest walleye on body-baits like the Rapala Husky Jerk, X-Rap and the new Shadow Rap and Shadow Rap Shad.  Bays, inlets and outlets should hold both walleye & pike. While you can always catch walleye fishing jigs/plastic grubs along the bottom, casting the minnow-imitating baits along shorelines, around islands, off points, bars, shoals and reefs will probably produce some of the largest females that are heaving to deeper water.


For the pike if you are going to explore the shallow bays where they will have spawned right at ice out, if you want to try your luck with top-water lures I would encourage you to take some black-on-black buzz-baits (black propeller, black head and black skirt). These can be very effective when you are trying to “wake-up” pike in the shallows. Also, Rapala has an excellent “Waking Minnow” that is designed to be retrieved fast or slow, right along the surface…excellent shallow-water pike bait…God bless you.

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