Hi Italo, My wife and I are big into all sorts of fishing. Salmon, steelhead, bass, musky, pike you name it and we fish for it. We are planning a trip down south to Florida. We don’t have salt-water gear or much idea of how to get started with regards to where to fish, what type of fish to target and what techniques are successful. I am open top renting a boat, as well as pier fishing. Would love some foundational knowledge about how to get started fishing in Florida and any logistical details you could suggest. Thank you & God bless.

Posted on July 14th, 2019

Hi Andrew, I will try and give you “nut-shell” info. for your Florida trip. If you go there during the winter you will be able to catch Sheepshead off the bridges and piers as they feed around the abutments. Best presentation is to use a #4 bait hook, a couple split-shot sinker/float, or a sliding sinker rig with either a live, small crab, piece of shrimp or a sand flea. You can find all three at local bait shops. If you cast a 1/4 oz. spoon in any inlet/outlet when the tide is moving you have a good chance of catching a bluefish or Spanish mackerel. You can also fish a float and live shrimp over the eel grass flats in the inter-coastal and lastly you can cast a 1/4 oz jig/3″ paddle tail plastic grub around the mangroves and over the grass flats for redfish, snook and spotted sea trout….God bless you.

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