hi Italo my son Chris would like to become a pro fisherman one but he only 10 yrs old now any pointers that you could give us that would be great we fish in differnt waters by boat and land Gods bless Terry we live in ST.Catharines

Posted on July 11th, 2011

Hi Terry….The best advice that I can give Chris is to first pursue a good education. In my case I became a Fish & Wildlife Technician and graduated from Frost School of Natural Resources in Lindsey, ON. Next, I would suggest he fishes as much as he can without compromising his schooling or other important aspects of his life. Thirdly I would encourage him to get involved in community fshing events, possibly writing fishing articles that are appropriate for his age category and competing in local fishing derbies and tournamets. At the same time he should start relationships with fishing tackle companies by letting them know what he thinks of their product. As he slowly establishes himself as an angler and can show potentail sponsors that he is very involved in promoting fishing at different levels, than he can start approaching them for sponsorships…God bless you and your family also, Italo

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