Hi Italo, my question for you is can you recommend me a few spots within 1-2 hour drive of the gta where i can take my kayak fishing, ideally for bass, and where there will be a clean beach for my family to swim/ play in the sand, and i can row from the beach to fishing areas. I am having trouble finding a good spot as my wife does not like weedy/ muddy beaches. I have a few weeks off work, if you can suggest a few spots for us to go, that would be great. Thank you Italo!

Posted on June 30th, 2019

Hi Alex, I would suggest Crystal Beach, ON on Lake Erie. There is a nice beach area there and you can launch your boat off the beach or at the Crystal Beach boat launch. You can fish starting right at the mouth of the bay or paddle out to 15-20′ water and fish 4″ tubes along the  bottom or you can fish a drop shot rig with either a soft plastic grub, nightcrawler or leech near the bottom. You should be able to catch smallmouth bass and freshwater drum there…God bless you.

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