Hi Italo, my friends and I are headed to Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan for our annual fishing trip this weekend. We are after big walleye and pike. Can you recommend locations and setups? Sorry for the short notice. All the best, Jake.

Posted on June 10th, 2015


Average size walleye there should still be fairly shallow with the larger females moving to deeper water. All the classic fishing presentations should work; jigs/plastic grubs/bait, live-bait-rigs, & bottom-walkers harnesses or artificials. For the bigger walleye target some of the secondary breaks in the 10-20′ range that is just off the shallower points, bars, shoals, reefs and out form shallower bays. Trolling with a bottom-walker/Rapala like the new Scatter Rap Minnow Live series may produce one of your biggest walleye.

The larger pike should also out of the shallows and on their way their mid-season feeding areas. Again I would fish slightly deeper water for the larger pike just away from the areas where you are catching the average size fish and would troll larger bait specifically targeting larger pike.

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