Hi Italo, My cottage is on a small and deep landlocked lake just south of Bancroft, Ontario. I have been trying to jig and troll for lake trout for the last few seasons using various spoons, and jigs with no luck. I don’t have a fish finder so I’ve mostly been fishing the bottom (80+ deep). Do you have any suggestions that could help me hook up on some for next season? Yours truly,Aidan

Posted on January 4th, 2017

Hi Aidan, not knowing what the lake is makes it difficult to give you a specific educated answer but I will try my best. First suggestion is for you to go to FishONLine and see if your lake appears with all the fish/stocking data if any.  If you are targeting the lakes in open water they will be very shallow in the spring and you can catch them right off the shore and especially if there is any inflow/outflow in your lake. There you can catch them simply casting spoons, Rapalas, or Vibrax spinners.


As water temperatures warm up they will head deeper, away from the shorelines and in mid-summer they will either be feeding suspended in the 40-70′ in the water column (especially if your lake has open water forage like Ciscoe/lake herring), or other open-water baitfish), or they will feed near the bottom. If you target the open-water lakers fish the deepest part of the lake either using steel line, downriggers or diving devices like the Dipsey Diver that will help you troll lures at deeper depths. If you target the lakers that are feeding closer to the bottom jigging is a good option but you will need to jig on or around structure in deeper water like reefs, shoals or drop-offs. Hope you have success in 2017…God bless you.

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