hi italo mike here..would you have any tips on putting fish in my boat..i am going to sturgeon lake this weekend..thank you..

Posted on April 27th, 2014

Hi Mike….I’ll try. I really like Sturgeon Lake and fished it quite a bit when I lived in Lindsay, ON and went to Fleming School of Natural Resources. I would encourage you to primarily fish Goose Bay. Start by fishing the isolated weedbeds in 5-10′ of water approximately east of Ball Point (just south of Long Bach). My favorite presentations there are; casting & slow retrieving a 1/8 oz. Beetle Spin along, over and in-between the isolated weed clumps, also fishing a 1/4 & 3/8 oz. black bucktail jig in and around the same weeds by “snap-jigging” it. Next, I fish as shallow as 2-4′ right where the stump-field starts a little further south of the open-water weedbeds by using the Beetle Spin and also by fishing a #11 Jointed Rapala in the “fire-tiger” color around the stumps, and in-between the stumps. If you have a hydrographic chart, you will see that there is the old McLaren Creek channel that meanders through Goose Bay. That channel is only about 30 yd wide, 4′ deep and has no stumps in it…excellent place to fish the Beetle Spin and Jointed Rapala along both sides of the channel. If you just want to relax and ‘lazy-fish”, you can just troll with a small worm harness/worm at the moth of Goose Bay, just off the isolated weedbeds and you should catch a variety of panfish, walleye, bass and possibly even a musky!….God bless you, Italo

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