Hi Italo, love your show, just wondering if a fluorocarbon leader is necessary for casting from piers for salmon, browns or rainbows. Running 10.5 foot rod with spinning reel. 10lb braided line tossing 3/4 ounce spoons. Thanks,Ed

Posted on August 11th, 2018

Hi Ed, Thank you for your kind words. Maybe a fluorocarbon leader is not necessary casting for salmon and trout off the piers, but I do run one. For casting 10 lb. braid I think you should run a 18-20″, 10 lb. test fluorocarbon leader. I’m a firm believer that when fishing for fish that have excellent eyesight in clear water a fluorocarbon leader definitely helps the fish to focus on the lure and not get distracted by the line. Also, the fluorocarbon leader has good abrasion resistance if you run over zebra mussels/rocks along the bottom.

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