Hi Italo. Love the show. I’m going to be doing some 3 way rig bottom bouncing this week. I’m going to try some soft plastics that are of the floating variety. Do I need to add any weight on the line to help keep it near the bottom? If so how would you suggest I do this? Thanks

Posted on October 29th, 2018

Hi George, if you’re going to be fishing a 3-way rig you will definitely need a weight on your bottom “tag” to keep the rig bouncing along the bottom. If you are planning on boatt-fishing the Lower Niagara River for example the current is pretty fast and you should be using at least a 3/4 to 1 1/4 oz. pencil sinker. When trying to “bounce” the bottom it is also critical to keep your line as perpendicular as possible. If you let too much line out, it will be impossible for you to efficiently know when you contact the bottom and you will end up snagging the bottom. This is where boat control is crucial. Try and control the boat so that you are drifting a little slower than the current and that your line is as vertical as possible. Same rule goes for fishing non-current situations….God bless you.

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