Hi Italo, Looking for some advice for fishing Algonquin park. doing a 2 week interior trip from canoe to cedar to opeongo and back. Im comfortable with the small mouth bass fishing but looking for suggestions on how to get brook or lakers mid summer form a canoe. Never caught a trout in Algonquin. I know to go deep, but any other suggestion on what to use / look for would be great. Thanks! .

Posted on July 27th, 2017

Hi Tyler, for summer Brook & Lake Trout you do have to indeed go deep in the Algonquin Provincial Park lakes. Best presentation to find both species feeding suspended away from the shorelines in deeper water is to troll. You have a few choices fishing from a canoe. The simplest is to use a heavy weight (1-3 oz), like a bead chain “keel-sinker” ahead of your lure (Original Rapala #11, or 3-4″ fluttering spoon-like the kind used with downriggers).  Do a test drop in water that is 50-80′ deep and when you touch bottom, lift it up about 5′ and start paddling at a speed that you know the lure is working properly. Second choice is to use a diving device like a Dipsey Diver or Pink Lady to get the same lures down to the 50-80′ depths. These devices put quite a bit of torque on a rod so you would need to use a heavier outfit. Lastly, and what is traditional for fishing summer trout in Algonquin is to use a leadcore, copper or stainless steel line to get your lures to the right depth. This also requires special high-capacity reels and also a stouter rod to use properly. Both Lakers and Brook Trout will be suspended form 30-80′ water. Lakers will also be close to the bottom in water deeper than 30′. Fishign a heavier jig with a plastic swim-bait like a Lunker City Fin-S Fish can also work well if you find some deep-water structure where Lake Trout will be feeding. For the best jigging you will need clam water so you can contact the bottom every 3-5 sec. Also jig from the bottom to half-way up the water column for cruising, suspended feeding trout. Hope you have a great trip….God bless you.

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