Hi Italo just watched your river carp episode. Just wondering what ingredients went into making the ground bait you used on the feeder. Thanks Ryan

Posted on June 26th, 2014

Hi Ryan…Lately I have been using the Carp Zoom Ground Bait formula since it works well and it’s already pre-mixed. If I make my own I boil some “maze” (cattle corn that I purchase in bulk, dry at a Co-Op feed mill). I take about 1 lb. of dry corn and let it soak overnight in water, than the next day I boil it until it softens up, but not too soft. I take the boiled corn and mix it with corn meal that I purchase at a Bulk Barn, some honey and that’s about it. I mix it up with some water so that it gets ‘doughy” enough that I can squeeze it into my feeder. Some of my friends add fruit flavored Jello powder to add color and taste like strawberry, raspberry, etc. It all works well. I think the key is the corn and having a greater portion of corn meal in the mix so that it “teases’ them, but they don’t eat too much corn and are still hungry to take the bait….God bless you, Italo

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