Hi Italo, just wanted to start off by telling you that I’m a big fan. My question is about Rice Lake. I have never fished there before and was wondering if you could tell me where there would be good spots for pickerel and bass. What tackel should be used., It Is always fun watching you, and keep up the good work.The

Posted on August 3rd, 2015


Thank you for your kind words. Some of the best places to catch walleye in Rice Lake is off the many weedbeds/weedlines. You can fish the large weedbeds in-betweeen Bewdley and Gores Landing at the west-end. One of my favorite areas to fish is from West Grape Island all the way east to Sheep Island. I normally fish the south edge of the weedline. One of the easiest way to fish is to cast a 1/8 oz. Beetle Spin tipped with a small piece of worm or a Vibrax #2 or #3 spinner & half a worm. Fish them both just fast enough so that the blade rotates close to the bottom & just off the weeds. You can cast & retrieve slowly, drift with the wind, or troll slowly. The key is to keep the spinner moving just off the bottom and just fast enough for the blade to rotate. For largemouth bass the lily pads & weed-pockets on the north shore, just west of Harris Island is an excellent place to fish plastic weedless frogs, weedless spoons and Texas-rigged 7″ plastic worms right in the lily pads. The undercut cattail banks on the north shore there are also good to fish for large bass. You can also virtually catch largemouth by fishing any of the docks and boats that look like they have not been used for a while. Again a Texas-rigged plastic worm will work well there or a flippin’jig/trailer…God bless you, Italo

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