Hi Italo, just looking at some of your trips on the Welland river, and wondering a good place to start for walleye and bass, also is there any hazards I should watch for boating, as I never tried this river before.

Posted on August 6th, 2018

Hi Peter, the Welland River is quite long and different sections have different characteristics. For example if you launch at EC Brown Conservation Area south of Welland, ON you have access to tons of lily pads/weeds and a very long stretch to fish for gamefish like bass, pike and walleye, panfish and coarse fish. If you launch in Chippewa, ON the river is wider and deeper with less weeds along the shorelines. I think the stretch you choose should be based on the presentation you want to fish. If you are a troller and like fishing less weeds, the bottom-end is a good choice. If you like casting lures to weeds/shorelines, the south-end would probably suit you more. The only obstructions I watch out for is floating wood and some stumps that are just below the surface if you run too close to shorelines. Keep your eyes open, don’t go to fast and keep near the middle of the river. Keep in mind that when you fish rivers, all fish move around a lot. I have fished the Welland River and have been skunked many times and on other days landed every fish species and in good size….go figure?!

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