Hi Italo, I’ve often seen you swap out treble hooks for 3/0 single hooks on trolling spoons. I was wondering why is it done and what the advantage is (if any) in doing that? Thanks in advance!

Posted on June 11th, 2016

Hi Ermanno, Good question. Some anglers prefer to use a treble hook on a trolling spoon, other anglers prefer to use a single, large “Siwash” hook on a trolling spoon.


Sometimes when you hook a strong fighting fish like a Chinook salmon as they thrash, head-shake, make long runs and roll in the line, they can work one of the hooks on the treble against the other to free themselves of the treble and get off. It is much more difficult for a large fish to get off a single, larger hook, no matter how hard they fight.

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