Hi Italo. Ive heard the lower Grand River at Dunnville is a good spot for catfish. Im thinking of heading there sometime in mid or late April. Can you suggest any good shore fishing spots Thanks a million!

Posted on March 30th, 2009

Hi Dave….I would suggest you try fishing right at the base of the Dunnville Dan ((if you have a boat)),, and if you don’t have a boat,, you can fish the east–branch of the Grand River that flows on the east side of Grand Island from underneath the Hwy.#3 bridge.& ; April may be OK,, but it also may be a little early.& ; I have a feeling that the majority of the channel catfish in the Lake Erie tributaries will be running from the full moon in April to the full moon in May.& ; The catfish will remain in the tributaries for 4–6 weeks afterwards and than they start dropping back to Lake Erie….God bless you,, Italo

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