Hi Italo Ive got some good help from you in the past and was wondering if you could help get me into tournement fishing can you think of any good bass tourneys around niagara that would be good to start in Thanks Ps: I saw one of your gar fishing episodes and have to say that was really neat fishing and if you want to try another lure that catches a ton of gar try a vibrex spinner reds the best color for me in a size 2 or 3 I catch a ton of gar on those

Posted on June 18th, 2012

Hi Griffin…Thanks for the longnose gar spinner tip! I am not familiar with bass trounaments around NIagara. Most of he tournaments I am familiar with are in the Kawartha’s and held on lakes just north or east of Toronto. Good bass tournament organizations to look into are Top Bass , and is the Competitive Sportfishing League. I would encourage you to check both sites and look into the 1 & 2-day bass tournaments and locations….God bless you, Italo

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