HI Italo, I\’ve been going to the N.Y tribs for almost 10 years now where i got my pb brown trout of almost 20lb hen.. I was watching your show on sat now 3 on tsn and saw you drifting a river mouth.. Is that the mouth of keg creek? If not would ya mind sharing that spot. I\’ll be staying in Burt. Are you going to be down there anytime soon. I\’ll be there either 2nd or 3rd week in Nov. then over to erie fot amazing steelie fishin. Hope to hear from ya. Thanks Evan

Posted on November 7th, 2007

Hi Evan…In the program you saw I fished first at Slater Creek (Greece, NY-suburb of Rochester, NY), and than I fished Eigtheen Mile in Olcott, NY. It sounds like you have not seen the Upper NY tributaries that flow into Lake Onatario this fall. You will be shocked when you see how low the water is, especially in Olcott, NY. The water is so low that the NY DEC “bulldozed” the lower section of the creek (just south of the abutments) because it was almost dried-up. Now there is a”2-4\'”, high “berm” that angles down the middle of the river. They also placed large limestone rocks throghout the river to help create some small 2-3\’ holes for the fish to hold. It\’s a sad situation, there are rainbows, browns and chinook in, but they have not water and no where to go. They just swim around and have no interest in hitting baits, flies or lures…tough fishing. I probalby won\’t be down there unless we have some significant rain….God bless you, Italo

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