Hi Italo, It’s catfish season on the mighty Red River The red for Channel Cats is a bucket list destination. I was out yesterday and I had my own catfish rigs, however some of them broke and I lost 4 or 5 of those river monsters. Can you help me what type of line I should be using to tie a catfish rig, and how to tie it. I did manage to land some big ones for sure. Including a 35 inch channel cat

Posted on May 24th, 2019

Hi Dan, sorry to hear you lost a few “hawg-Channel Cats”. I would encourage you to use at least a 50 lb. braided leader  about 16″ long with a #2/0 Circle Hook with a sliding-sinker rig. Remember that with a Circle Hook you don’t “set-the-hook” by giving a hard snap back with your rod. When you get a pick-up reel your line in and let your rod tip go close to the water. When you feel the fish want to take off with your bait, you simply lift the rod up and start reeling without stopping until the fish starts to fight. Hope you land some trophies…God bless you.

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