Hi Italo, Its always nice to come and check up on your blog to see whats happening in and around the fishing world and at the same time get some tips on what to fish,etc. Sometime last year I met you on the Niagara River taking out your boat at the Queenston launch while fishing for White Bass. I would love to try catching them this season and was wondering if you can give me some tips on where and how I can catch some of these beautiful fish near Toronto or on the Niagara River from Shore. I’ve heard some friends rave about going to Windsor in May for the run there and I sure will give it a try but if I can fish for the same some where nearer to Toronto that would be awesome.PS – I still have your lucky Orange/gold color husky jerk which you gave me at the dock. Although I am yet to catch Pike, I sure have not given up hope. Thanks again for always being an ambassador of this sport and always love all your reviews.Regards,Shane

Posted on March 20th, 2018

Hi Shane, nice to have met you on the Niagara River and thank you for your kind words. The white bass will start entering all moving water areas in the Lake  Ontario starting the end of April and going right through to the middle of June. The peak time is middle of May to beginning of June. All the harbor mouths along Lake Ontario will attract white bass at that time and that includes the tributaries in the GTA. You can fish right from shore and cast off the piers, or just up-stream from the piers.  The mouth of the Niagara River where it starts at the Peace Bridge, Fort Erie, ON is one of the most popular spots to catch them from shore. There are normally schools of baitfish there right next to the bridge abutment and many anglers catch their minnows with a minnow dip-net and then fish those to catch cooler fulls of white bass.

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