Hi Italo. Is the Detroit river still a great spot to catch the migrating walleye in early June, and is vertical jigging with a plastic trailer the best way to catch them?

Posted on May 31st, 2016

Hi Nick, yes you can catch walleye all year long both in the Detroit River, near the mouth of the river in Lake Erie, in Lake St. Clair, and where the Detroit River starts in Lake St. Clair  near Pesche Island.

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The highest concentration of walleye in the Detroit River is when they make their spring spawning migration through it, but there are always catchable fish there in lesser numbers. Anglers will either use bottom-bouncing sinkers with worm-harnesses and “control-drift” the current/structure breaks, or they will vertical jig with a 5/8 oz. jighead/plastic grub. A 4″ plastic  worm and the Lunker City 4″ Fin-S-Fish and Shaker grub work well.

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