hi Italo is it possible to catch small mouth bass off the new piers at frenchmans bay mouth, if so do you recommend I cast into the channel or out into the lake side? what are my chances of catching?thanks, happy Canadas day!

Posted on July 2nd, 2018

Hi Alex, definitely! Smallmouth bass cruise the Lake Ontario shorelines and spend time feeding anywhere there is “smallmouth habitat”. That includes the outflow at the Pickering Power Generation Station,  lower sections of Lake Ontario tributaries like Duffin’s Creek, and all the creeks going east, any inlets/outlets like at Cranberry Marsh and McLaughlin Bay, in marina basins and also around the structure near the piers. I recommend you fish any of the submerged structure that was installed when they constructed the piers.  The smallmouth will be tight to the bottom. I suggest you fish tube jigs, jigs/plastic grubs like twister tails and paddle tails and crankbaits that you can bounce-the bottom with. You can also catch some in the channel, but make sure you get to the bottom.

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