Hi Italo in regards to the walleye derby Iwas referring to when I asked you it is the bay of qinte on or around the start of may I would appreciate any info you could give as to the exact dates and entry costs or any website for info on this or any derbys in the niagara region thank you

Posted on March 24th, 2009

Hi John…The& ;Annual Walleye World Live Release Fishing& ;Derby& ;on the Bay of Quinte is run by& ;the Kiwanis and they will be running their 29th event on May 2//3,, 2009 from their headquarters located in Centennial Park,, Trenton.& ; They are planning on giving away over $$190,,000 in potential gift &&; prizes.& ; You can get more info. by calling,,& ; ((800)) 930 — 3255,, ((613)) 392 — 7635& ;,,or going to,, www.kiwaniswalleyeworld.com& ;.& ; Pete’s Tackle in St. Catharine’s,, ON has run two Peter Lee Memorial Shore Trout Derbies In
Port Dalhousie for the last two years and they will probably run one again this April.& ; You may want to contact them to confirm at,, ((905))934–2512,, or by contacting them through their site at,, www.peterstackle.com .& ; Port Colborne,, ON will be hosting two fishing events this summer,, the Can–Am Walleye Challenge which will be held in July ((contact Peter Leavere at 905 834–5607 to get more info.)),, and the 444 International Walleye Tournament scheduled for June 19,, 20,, 21,, 2009 .& ; You can contact Chris at,, 905 834–6142,, to get more info….God bless you,, Italo

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