Hi Italo, Im trying to find some walleye and/or pike ice fishing locations within 5hrs of Niagara. Looking for spots that dont get alot of traffic. Preferably somewhere you need a snowmobile to access. Have had good success with your advise in the past, thankyou for that!

Posted on November 14th, 2017

Hi Tom, the best walleye ice fishing location within your driving range is definitely the Bay of Quinte. Early ice is usually safe on the south side of Big Bay and you can access it from Massassauga Point Conservation Area.  Consistent pike fishing can be tougher to find but if you do go down to Quinte, there is good pike fishing in Smith’s Bay out of Waupoos, ON. The ice may take a little longer to be safe there since it is on the east-side of Prince Edward County and faces Lake Ontario. For consistent smaller pike (under 7 lb.), ice-action, Little Lake, Barrie, ON is easy access and offers good fishing.

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