Hi Italo! I’m thinking about booking a cottage on sparrow lake in the middle or end of July. Can you please give me some pointers on fishing sparrow during this time? I would like to get into some walleye and panfish for eating and hopefully some bass, pike and Musky for some Sportfishing! Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Posted on May 16th, 2018

Hi Rad, “Wow”, sound like you want to catch every species in the lake while you are there. Here we go with my best answers:

  • Walleye/bass – Weedline right in front of Bayview Wildwood Resort. Have to fish the end of the weedline in 12′ water using either a Lunker City 3″ Shaker or Fin-S Fish on a Lunker City 1/4 oz. Fin-S Jighead (lead/unpainted). Fish as close to the edge of the weeds where they meet deep water, make short casts so your presentation is tight and jig close to the bottom. You can also cast spinnerbaits and work your way over the weeds an up to the shore for largemouth bass. Duck Bay is also good for shallow largemouth bass presentations.
  • Panfish – Fish the mouth of the canal where the buoy marker is in front of Lauderdale Marina for crappie/bluegill using a 1/8 oz. jighead & half worm on a slip bobber. Experiment with the depth, The Canal is up to 12′ deep. Also fish along and off the end of the rocky point at Lauderdale Marina, same presentation.
  • Pike – Fish the open-water weedbeds around the double-channel markers before the “Sunken Island” rock at the north-end of Sparrow and also the weedline that comes off the west-shore from the Sunken Island down to the begining of Duck Bay. You can also get nice northern pike when you are jigging the weedline for walleye in front of Bayfiew Wildwood Resort. Best presentation and lures same as for walleye above only use a wire, Titanium or Fluorocarbon leader. Fish tight to the weeds.
  • Musky – Use a large inline spinnner like a Vibrax #4 (Silver color), or Musky Buck (Chartreuse Color), and cast off the Long Island, Long Island Shoal, Wiancko Shoal and the whole drop off from Wiancko Shoal going south and north. MacLean Bay at the north end of Sparrow is also good for musky, same presentation, lot’s of weeds there, cast everywhere.
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