Hi Italo, im staying on Rice lake for a week and was looking for some tips and techniques you find effective to catch Walleye in the lake. Spent the last two day’s and nothing. There was a bass tournament this weekend, would the extra boat traffic be an issue? Thank you for any advice you can give.Chris

Posted on July 15th, 2018

Hi ?Chris, fish adjust to outboard roaring up and down the lake, especially the ones that are tighter to shorelines or on deeper weedlines. Don’t know where you are located on Rice, or whether you have an outfitted boat with an electric and fishfisnder. I have done well fishing in the summer time for walleye by fishing some of the biggest weedbeds and using a black 1/4 or 3/8 oz. bucktail jig around the weeds and in the open pockets. JIg it close to the bottom and if you hit weeds give the jig a quick “rip” to free itself of weeds and continue jigging. A 10-20 lb. test braided line will work best. I also fish a Lunker City 4″ Fin-S Fish along the deeper side of the weeds right along the bottom and jig and shake trying to keep it within a few feet of the weed edges. You can also cast a 1/8 oz. Beetle Spin and fish it close to the bottom and close to the weeds. Using the above techniques you should be able to catch a variety of walleye and largemouth bass with an incidental musky.

If you can reach the west side of Tick Island (located on the old railway track section that extends out from the south shore to the middle of the lake), you have a good chance of catching smallmouth bass using tube-jigs on the bottom, crankbaits and the same lures as for the walleye above. Hope you have better luck….God bless you.

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