Hi Italo Im not a pro angler but I would love to know how to become a fishing tv host and is it hard to get sponsors if you are not a pro. thanxs

Posted on December 1st, 2009

Hi Dom….

As you probably know, timing is everything! In our case, back in 1986 there were few TV fishing shows on the air, and it was relatively easy to shoot a pilot for a fishing show and have a network want to broadcast it. Today, there are probably over 30 TV fishing shows in Canada when you consider the regional cable stations, the Network affiliates, like CTV, Global, CBC, and than there are the specialty channels, like OLN, TSN, etc., and the internet.

All I can do is pass on how we got the show on air. First, you have to make sure to are comfortable “on-camera”, and that you are happy with the way you look. Next, you need to shoot a pilot, or at least a “promo” for the show you have in mind. This could be a full ½ hr., or it could be about 5-10 minutes long. In either one, it should have all of the different features you are planning in the show; fishing action, tips, etc. At the same time that you do a promo-video, you write-up a “producer’s proposal” that includes; an overview of the series, background info. on the hosts, a sample script for one show, a location list for the series, and a list of the number of shows you are planning on doing (usually 13 or 26 episodes).

Once you have the above done you contact various TV stations/networks that you think may be interested in the show. If you find one or more that is interested, you ask them for a, “letter of intent”, that they want to air the show; when, and how many times per week.

In most cases the TV stations/networks will want you to get sponsors to pay for the commercial time on the show…now the real work begins…selling yourself!

Now you have to make a “sales proposal” that combines the information from the “producer’s proposal” with demographic information on the TV stations/networks, proposed viewership, etc. Next, you’ll need to specify advertising costs; :30 sec. commercials, opening/closing billboards, in-content features, etc. Now you are ready to approach potential sponsors. Once you have the sponsors in place you are ready to sign the deal with the TV stations/networks…God bless you, Italo

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