Hi Italo, I’m looking to start ice fishing this winter. I will mostly target walleye and pike. Do you know any good walleye lakes that are small enough I don’t need a snowmobile to fish them within about a couple hours of Newcastle as well as some good all around setups and lures.

Posted on December 12th, 2020

Hi Ethan, the best locations I can suggest is the Bay of Quinte fishing out of Pointe Anne once the ice is safe for Walleye. You can walk out from shore about 1km and start fishing in 15-18′ water. Best technique to use there is jigging with a 3/8 oz vertial jigging spoon tipped with a live minnow hooked through the head and fished near the bottom.

For Pike and the chance to catch Walleye also East Lake just 20 min. from Belleville, ON is also good. You can walk out about 1/2 km from Cherry Valley, ON and as soon as you find the edge of the weedline you can either jig similarly as in the Bay of Quinte, or set up “set-lines” with a live 4″ minnow (TipN’Jig Total Ice Fishing System is the best).

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