Hi Italo – I’m a novice (but eager!) fisherman who is looking to get into some steelhead this fall / winter. Last year was my first year on the rivers and I had very limited luck – a couple hook ups and nothing landed. I tried a variety of presentations from roe bags and beads to flies and marabou jigs. I’ve just started getting the hang of my centre pin setup and I really want to get into some better action this year. My local tribs are the Beaver River and Bighead River off Georgian Bay. Because I’m such a rookie I don’t know if my lack of success is due to inexperience, poor river conditions, lack of fish, or something else. Can you suggest any river sections to hit in the South end of Georgian Bay? I’ve heard the Nottawasaga River often has a great run but the river is so large I wouldn’t even know where to start. Thanks for your help!

Posted on September 26th, 2019

Hi Alex, sounds like you have a general idea of what to use and how to use it and that your biggest challenge is getting a better understanding of fish locations in larger river systems. The larger Georgian Bay tributaries may not be the best locations for you to get experience reading water and locating fish since they can be more scattered in larger tributaries then in smaller one. Also, if there is a lack of obstructions (water falls, dams, etc.), steelhead can move through sections fast after rains and higher water flows which also makes intercepting them more of a challenge. I would encourage you either smaller tributaries that will have more angler competition, but where your chances of finding fish will be higher, or fish sections of rivers like the Beaver & Saugeen downstream from the dams where fish will congregate under the right conditions. Remember that especially for tributary steelhead fishing, timing and water conditions is crucial. Knowing when to hit the streams with ideal water conditions is very important…God bless you.

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