Hi Italo, Ihave 2 questions.(1)Where do you put your boat in at the Welland Rver and which way and how far are the Walleye? (2) When you fish for perch on the Niagara River Inoticed a canal wall. Are you fishing close to the entrance from Lake Ontario?Thanks AL.

Posted on February 2nd, 2019

Hi Al, there are two locations where you can launch your boat on the Welland River, Welland, ON. One gives you access to the river south of Welland and the boat launch is at EC Brown Conservation area across from the Welland airport. The other boat launch gives you access to a stretch of river from Welland north to the aqueduct where it meets the shipping canal. At both locations you can start trolling or casting for walleye right after you launch. I try and fish any structure breaks and shoreline breaks where there is a hard bottom.

The perch fishing I do on the lower Niagara River is best in late fall going into winter when the emerald shiners move in. The wall you saw in the background is the Jetboat area just north of the Queenston, ON boat launch. That area is private property and can only be fished from a boat….God bless you.

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