Hi Italo, I would like to know if I can fish Gravelly Bay and Sugarloaf Point,I think that is what it’s called. According to the map it’s right next to Gravelly Bay. I would like to know if I can perch fish at either location and the depth and also what species are there for the catching. Thank you very much.

Posted on January 2nd, 2020

Hi John, yes you can and many people do. I think that most of the perch caught there through the ice are smaller. Probably die to the thousands of smelt that move in under the ice. People also catch Pike, Crappie and other panfish there. You can use small live minnows for the perch or a small jig (1/16 – 1/32 oz) tipped with one or two maggots or mousies. Most of the fishing takes place either off or near the docks in the inside of the marina, or on the outside of the rocks in 5-7’ depth…God bless you.

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