Hi Italo, i will be up at wasaga beach for the day and am wondering if there are any fish and what techniques you recomend for fishing that area?, mainly right where the nottawasaga river enters georgian bay?, litterally right at the mouth of the river is where i will be.Thanks

Posted on August 10th, 2018

The lower end of the Nottowasaga River should have smallies and a variety of coarse fish that you can catch right now. For the smallmouth try fishing along the bottom with 1/4 oz. jigs/plastic grubs like twister-tails, tubes and the Fin-S Fish. Fish slow and ‘drag” those jigs right along the bottom. If you fish current stretches let the current work the jigs along the bottom and then swim the back. You can also cast & retrieve small crankbaits and the Jointed Rapalas from just below the surface to the mid-water column for the more active fish. Don’t be surprised if you hook some nice bass and also freshwater Drum.

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