Hi Italo, I will be going to the French River ( around Wolseley Bay) at the end of May. I was woundering if all the rain we are having right now will change our bait selections or locations? P.S Thanks for all of your great advice over the years and hope to run into you down at the whirlpool sometime

Posted on May 6th, 2017

Hi Craig, thank you for your kind words, maybe someday we will meet indeed on the water. The heavy rains an elevated Great Lakes water levels will mean that fish like pike will be able to access areas that might otherwise be dry. Lure selection will not change, but fish location may. I suggest you try fishing areas that have the right depth/structure/cover you know normally fish and than try fishing even shallower. The water temperature will have more of a bearing on the lure/presentation. If the water is colder (due to higher levels), try fishing slower moving lures and even try down-sizing lure size…God bless you.

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