Hi Italo, I watched an episode with you and Aldo Nova,I am pretty sure you were fishing lake Ontario near St.Catherines and you s were using dipsy divers instead of downriggers and you did quite well. Aldo had a spoon that he had made It was black white with a little slash of orange on the edge He did really well on that spoon. I would like to know if you are send me a link to get to that episode I have looked through your episode’s and can’t find it.

Posted on March 30th, 2021

Glad you enjoyed the Lake Ontario Salmon/Trout trolling show  I did with Capt. Aldo Nava www.niagarafishingadventures.com . That spoon is part of the Blue Fox Matrix spoon line. Capt. Nava came up with that color and we call it the “Wado”. It works great on both Salmon & Trout all season long. I think this is the TV show you were referring to, it’s on our Italo Labignan YouTube channel, https://youtu.be/KvpUoKSp1WQ?t=1 …God bless you.

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