Hi Italo, I was wondering on Lake Nipissing where is a great place to fish for walleye and what lures/baits work well also.Thanks

Posted on August 10th, 2016

Hi Matthew, funny you should ask. I just came back from shooting a TV show from Mashkinonje Lodge, ON, with Regan Thompson the owner.

057A9315 shaker_walleye

We fished for largemouth bass, pike and walleye. We spent most of our time fishing largemouth in thick weeds and only fished two weedlines in 8-12′ of water and caught walleye using 1/4 oz. jiheads with Lunker City Shaker grubs and Rapala #14 Husky Jerk. We hooked the walleye fishing in West Bay and almost in front of Mashkinonje Lodge, all were on weedlines close to shore….God bless you,

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