Hi Italo, I was wondering if you knew any ice fishing spots in Sault. Ste Marie and surronding area for begginners, and how I could be successful in these spots. I hope everything is well since the last time I seen you Italo. Thanks and God bless

Posted on January 19th, 2016

Hi Dylan, thanks for your question. I have not ice fished any of the waters around  Sault Ste. Marie, only in the summer time. We did well fishing walleye and catching perch & pike on Lake George. You may want to enquire if it’s also good ice fishing there by calling a local tackle/bait show. I know that you can catch whitefish right in Sault Ste. Marie fishing in the locks above the rapids.


Most anglers there use small 1/16-1/32 oz. jigs with either small plastic grubs, live maggots or waxworms and fish them right on the bottom. If you see anglers there it means the whitefish are there! God bless you and your family also.

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