Hi Italo. I was wondering if you could tell me what depths I should fish for targeting Burbot after dark. Also I noticed that on one of your previous answers you said youve fished Partridge lake. How did you find it I was just there last week and couldnt locate any brookies. I fished around a huge fallen tree that was in about 10ft of water. Any tips on location Thanks for your help!!

Posted on March 27th, 2015

Hi Matt, Burbot (or Ling as some people call them), area primarily cold, deep-water fish that feed along the bottom and are very nocturnal. Best depth to fish for them is the same depths where you would target lake trout or whitefish in a specific lake. They can roam the open “main-lake” basin, or feed along deep-water structure breaks. I fished Partridge Lake when I went to school at Fleming School of Natural Resources in Lindsay, ON. When I fished it we caught brook trout up to 3 lb.. We fished them like you tried, covering lot’s of water along the shorelines, sometimes fishing trees and areas with a mud bottom in less than 10′ of water. I have found that in many smaller Haliburton/Minden area brook trout lakes, larger brook trout (15-20″ length), can really target feeding on hibernating frogs in the winter time that are in a silt/mud bottom. Often fishing shallow soft-bottom out from inlets/outlets on a lake, or marshy areas can be really productive. But, as you know, timing is everything….God bless you, Italo

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