Hi Italo, I was wondering if u have any advice on fishing the credit mouth/river for spring steelhead I’ve never tried it and just wanted a few tips that can put me on some fish. This last weekend I tried the credit river mouth with spoons and J13 jointed minnows and no luck but the mudline is too far out at the moment. As always greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave

Posted on April 5th, 2016

Hi Dave, Thanks for your email.  Any Lake Ontario harbor mouth can be tricky to have success in the spring. Most of the steelhead stocked in Lake Ontario are “winter-strain”.  This means they start running in the fall and right through the winter and literally finish their run by spring. Water conditions are critical both at the mouth and up-stream. If the lake is too rough, water murky, fishing can be tough at the mouth. Secondly, steelhead or migratory so even in ideal harbor/up-stream conditions they can move in/out of the harbor or, up-down the upper-stretches at will.


Having said this, your best bet for the next 3-weeks of fishing the harbor mouth is to fish as close as you can inside the harbor to the QEW bridge and fishing a float/roe bag suspended in the water column. As you know we have had an interesting winter where steelhead were able to run up river as early as one or two months ago. This means many of the steelhead are already in the mid-section of the Credit where you can fish for them right now, like Erindale Park. You may have better luck drift-fishing there than at the mouth. The harbor mouth is much better in the fall for steelhead, browns and Chinooks….God bless you.

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