Hi Italo i was wondering if there are any good ice fishing spots for crappie around Welland or port colborne areaAnd when is the best time to catch them time of day and month thank you

Posted on March 16th, 2014

Hi Mike…There are no “sure-fire” spots for ice fishing for crappie in Niagara Region. Sometimes they move into the Fish Masters Marina basin off the Grand River, but they are very unpredictable. Sometimes they are caught in Port Colborne right in the marina basin, but again very unpredictable. Your best bet is to wait for ice out and immediately try some of the top spots which include: the south end of the Welland Recreational canal where it ends at Hurberstone Rd.,, the Welland River around the bridge at, Colbeck Rd., just south of Lincoln St., the mouth of the creek that flows in from the east-side of the Welland River off River Road, just south of Broadway (on the bend). & and fishing between the bridge abutments and shore at the O’Reilly’s Rd. N bridge (north-side). At all these locations the crappie move in in high numbers right at, or just shortly after ice-out when the water temperatures reaches 42F. All the above areas are shore-fishing areas and the crappie are shallow (2-3′ depth, close to shore). Even though the above are my top spots, if you know crappie, they are unpredictable….they can be there in good numbers one day and not the next, they can be there during the day on one day, and the next day, only move in at dusk….God bless you, Italo

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