Hi Italo…..I was wondering how to avoid line twist when casting soft plastic swimbaits? Almost evey cast the bait spins in the air creating line twist. I was thinking of using a snap swivel but thought that might impede action. How can I avoid this? Thanks

Posted on November 15th, 2016

Hi Jim, soft or hard lures spinning/tumbling through the air on a cast is usually caused by off-timing of line release. Ideally the line should be released for the cast as the rod starts the forward momentum at maximum torque. It actually has to do with weight-shift of the rod/lure from loading the back-cast to unloading the forward-motion. If it’s a smooth transition, the lure normally flies through the air tail-first. The most efficient-energy casts in fishing are much like maximizing the golf swing/baseball/tennis swing, on a vertical or horizontal plane. Of course, if you cast very light lures into the wind, the wind can also deflect the sides of the lure and it can tumble through the air.


To eliminate line twist, add a small #12 in-line swivel about 14-16″ up the line. The swivel will absorb any line twist and will not interfere with the action of the soft plastic swimbait.

inline swivel

The only think you will need to be careful of is that when you pick up the line for a cast, you don’t reel the swivel into your  tip guide which could knock the guide insert out….God bless you.

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