Hi Italo, I was watching your show on Tributary Steelheading in late winter. I noticed you wore a handling glove as well as removed fish you weren’t intending to keep and placing them on the dirt (although in the net). From my experience on the West Coast, these are practises we try to avoid as both will remove the protective slime on the fish. I just want to pass that onto you as many of the viewers I’m sure are very impressionable and the best practises should be passed on to them. Take care.

Posted on April 2nd, 2016

Hi Patrick, Glad you had a chance to watch our steelhead show. I have used a Normark glove for many years to handle fish planned on being released. The glove is used wet to minimize any slime removal off the caudal peduncle of the fish.

CS30 01 Steelhead Fishing

As you saw, the locations we were fishing had high, slippery banks with mud/clay on both sides which made it very awkward to land & release fish without slipping down the bank, or falling in. We used a nylon mesh net (wet) to net the fish and tried to handle them as careful as possible. There were some areas where we could wade in and in those areas any fish that were caught & release were handled in the water. On the west coast most steelhead streams/rivers have a “hard-pan” (river rocks, stones), and in many situations you can bring the fish into shallow water, wade there safely and handle the fish as little as possible of the release. Unfortunately most of our smaller Great Lakes tributaries don’t offer such nice wading/landing fish opportunities.

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