Hi Italo.I was reading over my news feed on Facebook the other day and came across a posting about an angler who caught a substantial size fish using what he called a “Pennell Rig”. Since I did not know of it’s existence, (not my invention) I Googled this rig and was astounded at how effective and adaptable it is for a number of fish species. My question is, Have you ever used such a rig or know of anyone who has done so? I am really interested to try it out when I get the chance.Thank you and God bless,Calvin Pennell

Posted on November 5th, 2020

Hi Calvin, I use a Pennell Rig regularly when I’m fishing larger, live saltwater baitfish for fish like Barracuda, Kingfish and other species. Sometimes I use it with two single hooks, sometimes with one single and one small treble hook. For toothy fish I use wire, in other instances I use it tied on fluorocarbon leader material…God bless you.

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