Hi Italo…I wanted to go try catching channel cats and live in St.Catharines. Where would the best place to try catching these and what rig and bait should I use I was reading about using a float near thd bait to raise it above the bottom a bit. Is that a good idea If so where can I buy these Thanks

Posted on May 15th, 2014

Hi Jim…On of the best places to catch trophy catfish is the Grand River below the Caledonia, ON dam. A good shore fishing location is right at the Fishmasters Marina. Best bait is a chunk of white sucker meat. Best presentation is fishing a sliding-sinker rig (#2-3/0 hook/36″ leader/swivel/1/2 oz. egg sinker). Channel catfish prefer to feed right along the bottom. I have used a float-rig to catch them, but the float is only used to keep the bait moving along the bottom fishing in a smaller tributary where there is a current. At the Grand River it’s desirable to keep the bait on the bottom in one spot and let the channel catfish find the bait. You can catch channel catfish in sections of the old Welland Canal, especially in Thorold, ON, and in the Welland River, north & south of Welland, ON, but the water is still at flood-level and very murky, which makes for tough fishing…..God bless you, Italo

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