Hi Italo I want to use some boilies to fish for carp. I have a feeder that slides along the line but wondered what would be a good ..cheap ground bait to pack in there when using the boilies Also if you could only try one flavour boilie what would you use Thanks

Posted on June 27th, 2014

Hi Jim…I usually make by ground bait by boiling some “maze” (dry cattle corn that I buy in bulk). I let the corn soak overnight and than boil it for about :45min the next day. Once the corn is cooked, I mix it with corn-meal, sometimes oatmeal and I use some honey to make it into a light putty so I can pack it into my feeder, or use shoot some out with my sling-shot. Some of my friends also add powdered Jello to get a certain color and flavor. If I had only one flavor of boilie to use I would use the Carp Zoom in Honey flavor….God bless you, Italo

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