Hi Italo! I want to try my luck with staging salmon in Georgian Bay this summer / fall. Unfortunately I do not have a boat so my only option is casting from shore. I’ve read that rapala J-13s and large spoons are the best lures for the job. I have three questions that you would hopefully answer. 1.) Are there any areas you would recommend in the vicinity of Thornbury (West of Collingwood)? 2.) My local river, the Beaver River, is very shallow where is enters the Bay – would I be better off casting into deeper water that is slightly away from the river mouth or just casting into the shallow mouth area? 3.) I know that low-light is the best time for staging salmon – would you suggest early morning pre-sunrise or nighttime after sunset? Thanks and God bless!

Posted on August 5th, 2020

Hi Alex, salmon are already running up our southern Ontario Great Lakes tributaries and many are starting to stage right at the river mouths. I would suggest you cast off the piers to any of the rivers in your area. The best time to fish staging Chinooks off the piers is at night casting a “glow-in-the-dark” spoon in the 4″ size. To be able to cast far you should use 20 lb. test braided line with a 15 lb. fluorocarbon leader about 15″ long. It’s a good idea to make the connection from leader to main line using an in-line swivel to reduce line twist from fishing the spoons…God bless you.

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