Hi italo , I ve had the pleasure to met you a couple times in port Dalhousie you even posted a photo of my friend and I in your blog last feb”anglers brave cold temperatures” any way one of my best friend caught a fish in niagara river in march,. I think it looks like a salmon because of black mouth and really dark color, he thinks its a steellie i have a pic that you could check out ,but dont know how to post it to you .thanks in advance, tight lines and god bless. Johnnyb.

Posted on November 23rd, 2015

It was a pleasure meeting you too. I remember that cold day! Please send the image to info@canadian-sportfishing.com and I will confirm the species and also post it for others to benefit.


By the way, I have caught & released Chinook salmon in the Niagara River as late as May!?

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