hi italo i saw the episode were you went to the grand river for catfish me and my dad want to go out for catfish this weekend but we dont know how deep the catfish are and we dont know were to start fising river. thanks

Posted on April 26th, 2011

Hi Hai…It’s easy to locate the Channel Catfish below the Dunnville Dam on the Grand River. You can fish them from a boat, or from shore. Best time is at night, but you can also catch them during the day. Right now the river will be higher and murkier than usual so the fishing will be tougher (due to the heavy rains). You may want to wait a couple of days before going out. Best depth to catch them at is in 5-7′ of water. Most guys fish the long flat that is below the Dunnville Dam, down to the first bend in the river. Best presentation is to fish a chunk of large baitfish on the bottom with a “sliding-sinker rig”. You can use your medium action spinning or baticating outfit but you should be using at least 14 lb. test monofilament or 30 lb. test braid (30 lb. test braid is 8 lb. test mono. diameter). Easiest plast to access shore fishing is right at Riverside Marina, off of Maple St., Dunnville, ON. You will need to pay for parking, but the areas is ideal and they usually also sell the cut-bait there….God bless you, Italo

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