Hi Italo I saw a clip on youtube about you using kwikfish for trout in the niagara. I know it depends on depth and current but what size shot should I buy to use to get it deeper. Ill be fishing the whirlpool. You used 2 where you were and said about the size of buckshot but wondered what # that would be Can you just keep adding more shot to get it deeper or is it best to go heavier in size and stay with 2 shot max Also does the shot make the lure sink or just make it dive deeper on a cast If it doesnt make the lure sink I just cast up current and start retrieving right away Thanks

Posted on August 3rd, 2014

Hi Jim…At the Niagara Whirlpool I would encourage you to use the same #1 split -shot sinker that I used at the base of the Falls. I think one will do, but you could use a second one if you like. Keep the shot at least 14″ away from the Kwikfish. I prefer to use one or two large shot than many small shot. The shot will aid the Kwikfish in sinking and also dive as you are retrieving it. I find that a slow retrieve is best when you are retrieving it 45-degrees to the current, and once the current grabs it, let the current work the lure until the Kwikfish is almost parallel to you down-stream….God bless you, Italo

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