Hi Italo, I recently purchased a new spinning rod and noticed that the grip is designed a bit different then my other rods. My question is in regards to holding a spinning reel,is there a right or wrong way or is it just personnel preference? I tend to hold a spinning rod with the reel shaft between my 3rd finger and pinky but on this rid it seems as if it was designed to be held with 2 fingers in front of the reel. I Would appreciate your opinion. Thanks

Posted on February 26th, 2016

Hi Rad, good question. Not sure what you mean by, “..the grip is designed a bit different then my other rods.” If it’s a spinning rod (not a spin-casting or baitcasting with a “trigger” on the bottom), it should be very similar.


Some of the new spinning rods have a “split-grip” on the handle but they all have the same type of “reel-seat” (where the reel is attached to the rod). Yes, there is a big difference on how you hold the rod/reel. If most of your hand is in-front of the reel, you will have a much stronger grip that if most of your hand is behind the reel. I position my hand so that the shaft of the reel-seat is between my pinky and second-last finger.

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