Hi, Italo. I recently moved to the north end of Hamilton steps from the harbor. I\’m catching lots of bullheads, silver bass and a few channel cats, I\’ve landed a 6 lber and lost one twice that size in Cootes Paradise (west of the 403). My questions, I\’ve been using mostly worms, what can I use for bait for big cats that might help me avoid smaller and sometimes annoying fish like gobies? Also I\’ve been told there are bass and pike in the harbor and am wondering if you can offer any knowledge or suggestions on this. Thanx in advance for any advise you can offer me Alfie Gee.

Posted on August 23rd, 2008

Hi Alfie…Sounds like you are having fun catching a variety of fish. If you want to catch larger channel catfish you will do well using cut-chunks of baitfish. These include larger chub and shiners, suckers and alwife, shad and smelt. The ideal “chunk” size is about a 1″ x 2″ rectangle. Use a larger bait-hook in the 1/0-2/0 range. Best fishing for trophy channel catfish at this time of the year will be at night. Most of the bass & pike in Hamilton Harbor are living around the weedbeds at the west-end of the bay (out from the DeJarnies Canal). To fish these properly you really nead a boat/canoe/kayak. Most anglers are using either soft-plastic bass lures/crankbaits/spinnerbaits for the bass and spinners and Rapala\’s for the pike…God bless you, Italo

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